Message from Top Management

President's Message

In the consolidated fiscal year under review, Japan’s economy continued to normalize with the easing of restrictions on activities aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. However, exports and production were sluggish due to the global economic slowdown. In addition, the outlook remains uncertain due to the prolonged shortage of semiconductors and tight supply and demand for materials, as well as concerns about resource supplies and price increases due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Given these circumstances, orders to our group for smartphone-related parts and production machinery parts have generally been weak, but we have been making thorough efforts to achieve profits by taking advantage of the combined capabilities of our company’s unique streamlining equipment and improvements in production methods.We have also made strategic investments in growth areas such as automotive parts, automotive equipment, and medical device assembly. Developing environments that can respond precisely to customer needs, including the opening of a new plant, we are growing steadily.

Going forward, we will continue to innovate our core die technologies and technologies related to the mass production of parts. And by implementing business transformation and creation through the enhancing of segment coordination, we will work to continue to be a company needed by society.

We thank our shareholders for their continued support.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Noriyoshi Suzuki