Initiatives for Conflict Minerals

Some minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as well as in conflict areas around it, cause serious human rights violations, environmental destruction, etc. These products have become an international issue known as “conflict minerals”. They are a source of funds to groups causing these violations. Today, national interest in responsible mineral procurement is growing.

<Conflict Mineral Policy>

  1. Agree with the idea of “Due Diligence and Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from OECD Conflict and High Risk Areas”. We address conflict minerals issues based on the Suzuki Code of Conduct.
  2. In addition to confirming the history of minerals used in our products, we will strive to select raw materials with less risk and always work on responsible procurement.
  3. We will work closely with industry associations and conduct sincere and efficient investigations based on industry standards.
  4. Information on minerals obtained through the supply chain will be shared with suppliers as soon as possible.