Contribution to the Local Society

SUZUKI is aware of its responsibility as a member of society, and aims to contribute to the creation of a prosperous local society through its social contribution activities.

Workplace experience

We actively seek to engage with local society by providing various opportunities for members of the community to come and experience what we do, including factory tours and workplace experience for high school students. We aim to be a company firmly rooted in the region, such as by nurturing the next generation among local students.

Workplace experience

Support for sports

We actively promote a range of sports as a means of encouraging sound physical and emotional health.
・Shinshu Brave Warriors (basketball)
・AC Nagano Parceiro (soccer)
・Boaluz Nagano Futsal Club (futsal)


We donate the proceeds from our Christmas party to the Suzaka City Social Welfare Council.

Blood donation drives

Twice a year, we run a voluntary blood donation drive in support of the Japanese Red Cross Society’s policy of providing a stable supply of safe blood to patients who require blood for treatment, operations etc.